Regular Maintenance

I am working with a company that produces a very expensive product. And they use very very costly machines to produce this product. These machines run 20 hours a day 7 days a week. They explained to me that they do regular preventative maintenance on all their machines.  To do the maintenance they have to turn off the machines for a short period of time. They also explained that they have had very little down time on those machines, except to do scheduled maintenance.

Keep in mind that if any one of those machines broke it might cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue before they could get it started again.

But because they have rarely had any down time, some employees and some management have suggested that they perhaps could skip some of the scheduled maintenance and keep the machines up for a longer period.  And that way they could earn more revenue.  What they don't grasp is the reason they have had such good "up time" if because of their scheduled maintenance "down time."

The same can be said of our commitment to any of our goals.  For example, with me, I really need to study first thing every day!  And I really need to go to the temple at least once a week!  Even thought I'm doing well right now I should not entertain the thought of perhaps skipping a day's study time or because I'm doing really well this week of postponing going to the temple.

I, just like those expensive machines, need my daily and weekly maintenance.

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