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Amazing | Inspiring | Informative

Speaking at a weekly devotional at Ensign College, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles answered questions about change, personal revelation, covenants, and balance.


Here are a couple of questions that he answered:

  • How do I know if a thought is just my own or revelation from the Holy Ghost?
  • How can I find balance in my life?


Here is a sample of what he said about prayer:


Most of your answers won't be what you want or when you want.


People pray and it's like they're shopping at a store. Heavenly Father I need this and this and this and this and deliver it by this time. And if you don't get this and this and this and this by the time – Well God wasn't listening to my prayers!


Yes, he was! -- You're not listening to the answers, so don't expect him just to provide a delivery service.


You don't pray to tell God what you want or what you need. You pray to find out what God wants for you.  A big difference – that will change the way you pray forever.

Based on his recommendation, I am trying to make changes in my own prayers. It isn't easy to give up my own vain repetitions -- but I'm trying to find out what God wants for me.

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