When Tempted, Apply PMS

Here is another suggestion as to how to deal with temptation when it hits. This suggestion comes from a missionary in the Addiction Recovery Program. According to him, when temptation raises its ugly head we should remember "PMS."

P = Stands for Prayer
M = Stands for Move
S = Stands for Support


One of the things you should always do when tempted is pray to Heavenly Father for help.  We cannot overcome this addiction without the Lord's help.  Please remember to pray!  You can read my post on the subject found here.


If you are being triggered by something around you, you should move away from what is triggering you; change your environment; and go someplace else.  Don't just stay where you are and simply try to resist. It is always better to avoid temptation rather than resist it. Even if the temptation is not being triggered by something around you, just changing your environment can change your thinking.


Get support from a friend or friends, preferably from those within the Addiction Recovery Program who will be sympathetic to your need for help. Even just sending a text to someone may be enough to defuse whatever you are feeling. What you don't want to do is isolate yourself. So reach out for support. When you reach out it will bless two lives.


The order of the above three items is not as important as the need to do all three in any order.  Sometimes it's easier to reach out and ask for help and then pray or move.  But when you feel tempted it is most important to do some kind of action!  Don't give in to the old thought that "I'll handle this myself."  You already know that that won't work.

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