The Ladder to Recovery

There may be some of us who feel we are climbing the ladder to recovery, but we may not realize that our ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

Here is some food for thought:

There is a difference between desiring to be worthy and desiring to not feel the pain of relapse.

There are some guys who's main goal is to reduce the pain of future relapses.  They are not yet ready to give us their addiction.  They want to hold on to it as long as they can, just in case they might need it.

The converted Lamonites buried the weapons deep in the earth, but these guys are burying their addictions in shallow ground with the handles stick up.

What is your ultimate goal?  To pursue a positive or avoid a negative?

If our whole focus is just to not act out then our focus is on the negative.  Like just counting days. If we can change our focus to pursue positive alternatives to our addiction and to repent daily and become more worthy each day, we should have better and more lasting success.

Example:  Let's say I have a bad habit of biting my fingernails.  So all day long I tell myself,  " Now remember, don't bite your fingernails!"  So what am I thinking about all day???  Of course, I'm thinking about biting my fingernails. If all day long I'm thinking "Don't act out!"  Then that's what I'm thinking about.  That's a not a good plan for success.

Let's focus on doing good, not just avoiding bad.

Do you attend 12 step meetings to simply stop acting out?  If so, you are missing the point.  We should be attending 12 step meetings to get to know the Savior and then He will help us overcome our addictions.

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