The Importance of a Text Message

I can only speak for myself, but support by other group members is critical.  At the beginning of sharing time we pass around a roll on which we write our first name (only) and our phone number (optional) and make a mark if it is OK for other group member to send us a text message.  I can’t express how important this has been for me.
It is wonderful to feel the support of others going through the same fears, frustrations and problems as myself.  Especially when those others are not judgmental.  We do enough harsh judging of ourselves.  What we need is understanding—which we receive from others in the group.

I appreciate any kind of communication from other group members.   I have learned that with the current generation, texting seems to be the preferred form of communication.
Once again, I can only speak for myself, but either sending or receiving a text message can be a life saver (figuratively speaking).  There have been times when I have been tempted to do something that I shouldn’t do and just sending someone else a simple text seems to change my outlook. I end up looking outward instead of inward.  I find I am no longer thinking of myself or my problems. 

The same thing happens when I receive a text message.  All of a sudden I am thinking about the person who sent the message and not myself. There are times that a single message from another group member can make my whole day.  And it may just be a simple message like:
  • "How are you doing?"
  •  "Just wanted to say hi”
  •  “Thinking of you”
It doesn’t take that much!

If you are having a really bad day, perhaps a longer text exchange might be called for.  A couple of weeks ago I was having a particularly hard day.  So I texted a friend.  He was kind enough to carry on a somewhat lengthy exchange of text messages.  The subjects we talked about had nothing to do with my problems.  But it was what I needed.  I just needed to look outward that day and not inward.

Bottom line: If you have the thought, just send someone a text message.  It may bless both of your lives.

P.S. I would actually prefer Email or moreover a real phone call!  I don't like having to type into that little text box or have my key strokes counted as I type.  But some of these guys never check their Email.  So I am stuck with texting.  Can you just imagine this whole post being put into a text message.

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