Feeling the Holy Spirit

 Feeling the Holy Spirit

In our recent 2023 October General Conference, Elder Gary E. Stevenson spoke about how to feel the Holy Spirit.

His suggestions brought tears of recognition to my eyes.

His first suggestion was: "Stand in holy places;" and on his list, he included seminary buildings and institutes. You see, each week I attend  ARP meetings, one night in a seminary classroom and another night in an institute classroom.

His second suggestion was: "Stand with holy people."

That suggestion also brought tears to my eyes because of the holy men—my brothers—who faithfully attend those meetings. The spirit I feel in each of those meetings is similar to the spirit I feel in the temple.

I feel that Christ could walk into any of those meetings and feel comfortable because the subject is all about Him and His atonement.

I am so very thankful for those holy places and those holy men who bring the Spirit into my life each week!

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