You have probably heard the definition of insanity:

"Doing the same thing over and over again 
and expecting different results."

Well that holds true for relapse and recovery.

When we screw up we need to examine our actions and our routines, because something needs to change or the same thing will happen again----and again----and again.

Perhaps we need to change something that we are already doing or stop doing something that we are doing or start again something that we stopped doing or do more of something or all of the above.

The bottom line is: we need to change something in our lives.

The best way to determine what we need to change is to ask Heavenly Father, and then do whatever He says.

But if we ask Him what to change, we had better be prepared to follow through.

Let’s say the Lord said “I want you to crawl two miles on your hands and knees and I will remove this addiction.”  I know some guys who would jump at the chance.

Instead, let’s say the Lord said “Get up a half hour earlier each morning.  Study the scriptures and say your prayers out loud before showering, getting dressed, or eating breakfast.

I think these same guys might reply, “But that’s too simple and anyway that’s not my routine so I can’t do it.”

Once again, if we ask Him what to change, we had better be prepared to follow though, even if it seems too simple or doesn't fit in with our normal routine.

Keep in mind, our normal routine is probably why we are stuck where we are.  And if we don't change anything, we are guaranteed to fail.

I know one guy who said,

"I tried my plan for recovery and failed miserably."

"Then I tried 50% my plan and 50% the Lord's plan and I failed miserably."

"I finally tried the  the Lord's plan 100% and I have been successful."

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