Do Not Compromise

Once you've made a decision, do not compromise.  In the movie "Chariots of Fire", based on a true story, there is a young man who loved track.  He also loved the Lord and promised himself early in life that he would not compete on the Sabbath.  He was honored to be selected to participate in the Olympic Games.
That did not appear to be a problem to him because his event was not to be held on the Sabbath. However, just prior to his participation, that event was moved to Sunday. Several around him attempted to persuade him to change his commitment. He, nevertheless, remained true to his convictions.

Most of us have alarm clocks or clock radios.  Many of them have a small button on top. Do you know what that button is called? You might call it a "snooze button" but in reality it's a "compromise button."

Just think about it--you decide the night before to get up at 6:00 AM and the first thing you do when the alarm goes off at 6:00 AM is compromise your decision. What a sad way to begin the day--by compromising a decision you made just hours before. I challenge you to follow through with decisions that you make.

However, if you discover that a decision you made was incorrect, don't just ignore it and pretend that it doesn't exist. Make a conscious decision to change it. Then keep the new decision.

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