Finally Completing Step Six

Step 6 of the 12 Step Program is titled "Change of Heart."  It begins, "Become entirely ready to have God remove all your character weaknesses."

It seems like I have been stuck on Step 6 forever. With Steps 4 and 5, it was easy to tell when I had completed them. But Step 6 was another matter. How can God remove my character weaknesses, if I haven't yet identified them for myself. And even if I haven't identified all of my weaknesses, how can I know when I have identified enough of them to ever be able to go on to Step 7?

Plus Step 6 has been very emotional for me. See my Iceberg Post. I was becoming afraid that I might remain on Step 6 for the rest of my life.

Anyway, last night was my regular 12 Step meeting. I arrived a half hour early and just sat outside the room to wait. While waiting I decided to again read what the book said about Step 6. As I was reading this intense feeling overcame me and I began to cry. Here I was sitting by myself reading about Step 6 with tears running down my cheeks. Actually it was a very wonderful feeling and a "tender mercy" (I have been having a lot of those tender mercies recently).

The thought entered my head, "Now I get it!" Which for me meant you've spent enough time struggling with Step 6. Perhaps I don't have to identify all my own character weaknesses. Perhaps all I need to do is become ready for God to remove them even if I can't identify them. It's finally time to move on to Step 7. I just wanted to share this experience. The Lord knew what I needed at just the right moment.

I am very grateful for His is love and support throughout these many months. I pray that I will be humble enough to receive His help with all the other steps.

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