We Desperately Need Each Other

Those of us trying to overcome our addictions desperately need each other. However, many of us when tempted to act out, instead of asking for support, try to isolate ourselves away from other people. That is the very worst thing we can do.

On this subject both science and the scriptures agree. When we are struggling, is when we need each other the most.


New scientific studies show that when we are under great stress--think Triggers, Strong Emotions, and Acting Out followed by Guilt--we have a physical, emotional, and spiritual need to reach out to others. In doing so, both the person asking for support and the person giving support are blessed.

Watch this short but profound video that explains the science of stress.

The complete TED Talk video can be found here.

The scriptures tell us the same thing. In Mosiah chapter 18 we are commanded to bear one another's burdens, mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort." That is exactly what the 12 Step program is trying to teach us. We cannot do it by ourselves! We literally need each other.

If you feel the least bit tempted or under stress, please call or visit a friend. Even if you have already blown it, call a friend. Don't put it off. It will bless both your lives. 

I promise!

Where possible and appropriate let's give each other hugs.  The video above backs that up.

P.S. This is another tender mercy. I just happened to read the scripture this morning and then I just happened to be shown the video this afternoon at a workshop. What are the chances?

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