A Father’s Blessing

I wrote a post on receiving a blessing from your bishop each time you meet with him. (Click here)  After writing that post I realized that many of you are living at home with your parents.  Well, forgive me for not suggesting that you receive similar blessings from your own dad.

If living at home, I don’t think a weekly blessing from your dad would be too often to ask.  If necessary, ask daily.  I promise you, it will increase the love between the two of you.

If you dad is not currently worthy to give you a blessing or reluctant to do so. I suggest the you let him know how much it would mean to you to receive a blessing from him and then suggest that he let you know when he feels ready.

If you don’t live with your parents, then ask for a blessing whenever you do see your dad. If your dad is not around, then ask a brother or uncle or really any priesthood holder who you feel comfortable discussing your situation with. It's an honor to be asked and takes humility on your part to do the asking.

Of course, I would still take advantage of asking your bishop for a blessing every time you meet with him.

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