Study & Understanding Revisited


I have been attending the LDS Addiction Recovery Program for several months. Every week we are encouraged to fill out the Study and Understanding section of the Study Guide.

My Problem

I have attempted to do this but I am facing two problems:
  1. I don’t like to write.  I hate my handwriting and my spelling isn't much better.  I would much prefer typing instead of writing by hand.
  2. Having gone through the steps more than once, what am I supposed to do when going through the same step multiple times?  Should I just reread what I wrote previously?  Should I get a new booklet and start from scratch?  What if I just want to add a few lines to what I already wrote but there is no space?
My Attempted Solution

I looked online to see if I could find the guide in a digital format like Microsoft Word so that I could just type my thoughts into the Study and Understanding section.  No luck.  The only thing I could find was a PDF version that could not be edited.

Real Solution

I took the PDF version and created my own text version of just the Study and Understanding section. That way, in the weekly class, I can continue to read from and highlight the study guide.  Then at home, during the week, I can actually type, using a keyboard, into the Study and Understanding section, making additions and changes as needed.  Plus there is no limit on space.

My Gift to You

I would like to give you your own copy of the Study and Understand section to use on your computer. Click here. This will bring up a copy of the document in Google Docs.  Once the document appears on your computer, click on "File" in the upper left corner.  You can then select download and the format you wish to work with. It will then download the document to your computer..

Once the document appears on your computer, you should see at the top of your screen,
a download link.  Click on that link and it will download the document to your computer.


This has really simplified my 12 Step work outside of the meetings, which in turn removes the reasons I didn't enjoy doing it.  Hopefully you will also find it helpful.