Zero X Anything = Zero

While on a recent trip, I attended a YSA Fast & Testimony Meeting in Arlington, Virginia. A young woman began her testimony by stating that when she was in the 5th grade she had a difficult time learning the multiplication tables. She had an especially hard time with zero. Zero times 3 is zero. Zero times 100 is zero. Zero times anything is zero. She then asked the question: “How did zero get all that power?”

At that point she had my attention.  Where was she going with this?

Then she said she wanted to compare this with the atonement. She said Christ times sin is zero. Christ times death is zero. Christ times discouragement is zero. Christ times pain is zero. Christ times anything is Christ---because Christ has all the power. He has taken upon himself all the pain and suffering of everyone who has ever lived or who will ever live.

No matter what problems we may face, Christ is the answer!

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Chris Webb said...

Great thought! What a good idea (especially for the mathematicians). :)