How Can I Reward Myself? (NoPoM)

For some strange reason I like rewards better than punishment.

We all know how to punish ourselves when we screw up. So how about rewarding ourselves when we don't screw up!

Let me be honest.  I sometimes need to reward myself for doing the right thing. Yes I really do.

So how can I reward myself for being completely clean just for today?

Well here's one suggestion..

First I need to select at least one "accountability buddy."

It could be my support person or sponsor, or my bishop, or a trusted friend or multiple people.

I explain to them that I want to be accountable once a day via text or email as to how I'm doing to keep myself clean.

Then once a day -- either night or morning, I just send a short text or email to them.

The only thing in that text are the letters  NoPoM .

That stands for "No Porn Or Masturbation in the last 24 hours!"

That's my reward!

“I did it!  I’m clean!”  I can now pat myself on the back.

Now, what’s the responsibility of the person who receives the text—absolutely nothing.

Maybe every once in a while they might say, “Getting those text messages, good job!”

But that’s not a requirement.

What’s important is that I’m coming out of isolation; I'm sharing with at least one other person my success for that day.

And if on a particular day I don’t send that text, they shouldn’t respond or say anything.

However, if I want to share something about that day with them, it’s really up to me.

But think of the positive reward I get each day when I hit send with NoPoM!

This is a huge reward!

I think the ideal situation would be for two or more guys to text NoPoM to each other each night or morning. Then there would be even greater support to maintain sobriety and stay clean.

I shouldn't worry about yesterday or tomorrow--I can only live in today.

So if every day I can stay clean for just that one day, I will succeed

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