Just Do Something!

I was so impressed with a thought shared by a guy in our group.

He said he was struggling with what to do in his dailies:
  1. Should he read from the Book of Mormon?
  2. Should he read from the New Testament?
  3. Should he read Jesus the Christ?
  4. Should he work on the current Step in the Recovery Guide?
  5. Should he listen to a conference talk?
He said after struggling, trying to decide which thing or things he should be doing, the answer came to him loud and clear: 
"Just do Something!"

"And then I can bless you."

What a simple and profound answer!

The Lord always wishes to bless us.  

But we need to do something to get things moving.  We at least need to move in His direction.

If we will at least start the car, He can then drive us to whatever destination will be for our best good. 

"God cannot steer a parked car."

We have to, at least, do Something to get the car moving.

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