An Aha Moment

A couple of weeks ago, while attending our 12 Step meeting, I had an "aha moment."  Jonathan was sharing, and he stated that he now viewed all the good things he was doing in a different light.

Things like:
  • Prayer
  • Fasting 
  • Reading the scriptures 
  • Doing step work in the Recovery Guide
  • Attending the temple
Those things now had a different purpose for him. 

Previously he felt that those actions would help him in the recovery process by removing him from temptation.

But then it occurred to him that those things were not designed to protect us from temptation.

That the purpose of each of those actions was to bring us closer to Christ.  And that Christ and His atonement was the only way to recovery.  It didn't matter what actions we took, if they didn't bring us closer to Christ, they weren't helping our recovery.

When he shared that thought, it was an immediate aha moment for me. Of course what he said was true!  Every principle and ordinance in the gospel is designed to point us to the Savior.  He is the only source of redemption from sin and temptation.  His way is the only way to fully recover.

Jonathan went on to say that once he changed his view of the purposes of doing dailies, etc, that those various actions became much more purposeful and easier to do.

I asked Jonathan to write up, in his own words, what I just tried to explain. Here is what he wrote:

"Scripture study, prayer, church and temple attendance and all the other good things we learn to do in the recovery process are not as much about removing us from temptation as they are about bringing us closer to Christ.

When we draw close to Christ we will naturally remove ourselves from the triggers of temptation and we will be better able to deal with the temptations we face. 

 Focusing on what we don't want will not help us get what we want, which is recovery. Only by drawing near to Christ and having recovery in view will we achieve our goal."

Since listening to Jonathan's share, I am now trying to change my own perspective on why I'm doing what I'm doing. I too need to keep the Savior in view as I work the steps of recovery.

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