Will It Please Satan?

The Situation
Sometimes, when making a decision, we have two or more alternatives to choose from.  And our human mind is capable of justifying some or all of those alternative choices.  And perhaps they all might appear good or at least acceptable.
So how should we decide?  Well, it dawned on me that there is one question we can ask ourselves in making a choice.  And that question is:  “Will this choice please Satan?”  If the answer is “YES,” we can eliminate that particular choice.
Case In Point
Friday night I set my alarm to wake up early to attend the temple and put names on the Prayer Roll.  And at that time I fully intended to get up, do my dailies, and go to the temple.
However, when the alarm went off Saturday morning, I didn’t feel like getting up.  And here is what went through my mind.

  • I am really tired!  Probably because I didn’t sleep well the night before.
  • Therefore, I would be justified in either turning off the alarm or resetting it to a later time.
  • After all, I really need my sleep to stay healthy!
  • And it’s not a requirement to go to the temple every Saturday 

But then I asked myself the question: “Would it please Satan if I didn’t get up right now.” 
And the answer was “Yes, It would please Satan!!!"
And here are the reasons:

  • I would have made a commitment to myself the night before and then broken that commitment first thing the next morning.  That would please Satan.
  • If I didn’t get up right then, I might not make it to the temple at all. That would really please Satan!
  • And if I don’t make it to the temple I won’t feel the spirit or put those names on the Prayer Roll.  That would be a real winner with Satan!! 

The Decision
So I knew what I needed to do.  I got up, did my dailies, said my prayers, took my shower and went to the temple.  And I’m so glad I did!!!
But if I hadn’t asked myself that question, I could have easily justified just staying in bed.
I have decided that I need to ask myself that question more often:   
"Will this decision please Satan???"

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