Becoming My Own Parent *

I have a daughter whom I love fiercely. She's just a toddler, but she is one of the most fun people I've ever met. We love to sing together and we love to have dance parties.  

Watching her grow from day to day is one of my greatest blessings. 

A while ago, I was given an insight into my own life thanks to the relationship I have with my daughter. 

I learned that I need to be my own parent!

Throughout the course of my addiction, I would say that I have been more of my own high school buddy than being my own parent. 

I would say things to myself like, 

     "Oh man, we'd get in so much trouble if we got caught!" Or

     "Homework (or my responsibilities) are lame!   Let's ditch!" 

It sounds silly, I know. 

When I was my own teenaged friend, I found the guardrails in my life to be obstructing and restricting.

The most valuable thing about being my own parent is that I love myself fiercely! 

And it's because I love myself the way a parent would love their child that I've decided to give myself house rules to follow. 

I've given myself a routine daily schedule that has activities important to my spiritual, physical, emotional, and social health.

I study the scriptures daily and choose the study topic for the day. 

I keep filters and other barriers (for which only a trusted individual knows the passwords) on my electronic devices. 

I've heard it said that children don't need their parent to be a friend near as much as they need their parent to be a parent. 

As I've tried to love myself the way I would love my daughter (and the way God loves his children) It's made all the difference in my life.

* This post was written by my good friend, Doug.  I appreciate his insights!!!

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Jeff said...

Dang man, just discovered this, I love this! I read an article or two so far, and the introduction. As soon as I started the introduction I knew I'd like you, I feel the same way about the ARP program. There just isn't enough time for me to get out what I want to say. That's why I don't attend, I just feel like I can't get anything out and it makes me more frustrated than anything. I post a lot on Clean_LDS a sub on reddit.

Anyway, I'm excited to have found this and can't wait to keep reading!