I Feel My Savior's Love

Months ago I wrote a post entitled Our Savior's Love.

In that post, I told about a Tender Mercy I received on a day that I was feeling really alone, and I  prayed for comfort and reassurance.  Then all of a sudden my smartphone, with no help from me, started playing "Our Savior's Love" by the Tabernacle Choir.

I knew in an instant that it was a Tender Mercy from my Father in Heaven.  And the message I received at that time was: "I know you and I love you!!!"

Then later that same day, my phone played the same song.  But this time it was sung by a different group, "Our Savior's Love by Voice Male."  That was another Tender Mercy, giving me the same message: "I know you and I love you!!!"

Well last night I was thinking about the many Tender Mercies I have received over the last few years and I decided to just listen to some uplifting music on Pandora.  When I opened up Pandora it suggested that I might like listening to music from "Paul Cardall" so I clicked "OK" and it started playing.

At one point I sat down on my bed, and as I did one tune began playing.  The Spirit said to me, this one is just for you.  The tune was familiar but I wasn't sure of the title -- so I looked it up it was.  "I Feel My Savior's Love!!!"

And once again I received that same message as before:  "I know you and I love you!!!"

That was not a coincidence.  I testify that Tender Mercies are real and they come to us from a loving Father in Heaven who wishes to tell each of us how much he loves us.  And that He wishes to bless us if we will just ask Him.  I know that to be true!!!

Please look for Tender Mercies in your own life.  I know they are there.  And ask Heavenly Father in prayer to be able to recognize your own Tender Mercies.

That way you can also receive the message: "I know you and I love you!!!"

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