Gethsemane A Tender Mercy II

The Lord tells me through tender mercies that "he knows me and he loves me!"

I wrote about one such tender mercy a while back. The post was called Gethsemane A Tender Mercy.  Well that tender mercy still continues.

Today as I left our Easter Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School class, I got into my car and turned on the radio.  The first thing I heard was the beginning of an interview with the author of Gethsemane Jesus Loves Me, telling how she was inspired to write that song.

Her explanation was then followed by the recording of a young woman singing the song.

Tears welled up in my eyes --- just like for all the other tender mercies I have experienced.

Was that just a coincidence???  I didn't think so.

But the Lord wanted to make sure I knew it was a tender mercy, just for me.

So later on, as I came back from dinner, I walked into my house and sat down.

The radio was already on; and what did I hear next? -- That same interview!

That was no coincidence!!!  Once again, the Lord was telling me, "I know you and I love you!"

The chorus in that song is, "Gethsemane -- Jesus Loves Me!"  I know He loves me---and He loves you too!!!

I pray that you will recognize tender mercies in your life!

I know that they are there, if you just look for them!!!   Ask Heavenly Father to help you see them.

Here is that radio interview.

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