Isolation vs Isolation

As addicts, we are encouraged to avoid isolation.

However with COVID-19, we are encouraged to isolate ourselves.

What to do???

I have a good friend, Michael, from the ARP program.  He has a goal to phone at least one person a day.  I know this because, I'm on his list, and I receive phone calls from him on a regular basis.

He isn't necessarily calling because he's struggling.  He's calling just to "connect" with another person, and especially another person who understands his situation and his need to reach out.

Michael also receives phone calls from others.  So as a rule he is speaking with two or more people a day,

Thus with each phone call two people are blessed -- the one making the call and the one receiving the call.

What a great idea!!!

So let's each reach out and avoid isolation while we are isolating ourselves!

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