Doug's Plan Doesn't Work

A few year's ago I was sitting in an ARP 12 Step Meeting and it was sharing time.  Each of the participants was given the opportunity to share about their own recovery. 

There was a new guy attending out group for the first time. His name was Doug.

I remember his share as if it was yesterday.  He said:

My name is Doug.  I tried working Doug's plan.  But Doug's plan did not work!

I then tried to follow Doug's plan mixed with the Lord's plan.  And that did't work.

I am now following the Lord's plan and it's working!

He was referring to the complete Addiction Recovery Program, including:

  1. Attending weekly ARP Meetings
  2. Studying the 12 Steps of Recovery
  3. Working the Action Steps that go along with each recovery step.
  4. Reading and answering the questions in the Reading and Understanding section of the Guide Book.

Doug was now doing all of that.

If you, like Doug, are trying to do "your" plan and it's not working, consider being willing to do the Lord's plan.  Attend weekly meetings. Get contact information for those attending your group and reach out to them during the week. And actually work the steps.

If you don't know what step you're on, you are on Step 1.  Start there!

If you are hesitant to attend an ARP meeting, like I was, check out this short video.

You will find that you are not alone. No one there will ever judge you.  And you will meet some of the greatest people in this world in those meetings.  I promise!

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