His Grace Is Sufficient
by Brad Wilcox--BYU Devotional--July 2011

I love this talk! 

As you watch and/or read Brad's talk, think of it in terms of our recovery from addiction.

As he explains, just as practice, practice, and more practice is needed to learn to play the piano.

Practice is also needed in our learning how to recover from addiction.

If we hit a wrong note, we don't go back to day one, we just continue to practice—one day at a time.

I will give two links to this talk.

The first is the full talk—31 minutes. I recommend the full talk.


The second link is for a condensed version of the talk—11 minutes.

If you don't have time for the full talk, watch this version:


After watching or reading this talk, I'd appreciate hearing from you in the comments.

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