Hold On

Some time ago I had a home teacher who had previously moved away to a different state.  He found out that I was having a difficult time and feeling discouraged.  That caring former home teacher mailed me a CD containing five songs and said, "Be sure and listen very carefully to the words, and ponder the meaning for you."  The songs were:
  1. Be Gentle With Yourself
  2. I've Got to Find Out Who I Am
  3. Will He Really Answer Me
  4. You're Not Alone
  5. Hold On the Light Will Come
Sometimes when I am feeling down I will listen to the CD over and over while I am driving.  In fact, even today, if you push the CD button on my car radio, these songs are what you will hear.

You may download a ZIP file containing these five songs in mp3 format. You can then either burn them onto a CD or copy them to an mp3 player or your smart phone.

Here is a link to that zip file: http://goo.gl/dMpspw

When he sent me the CD, this is what he said in his letter:

"I am giving you this CD with an assignment.  When you get up early or stay up late you are to play this CD from start to finish.  Headphones are nice -- you can turn up the volume but still be alone.  I like to listen in a private room and close the door or listen in the car. Be sure and listen very carefully to the words, and ponder the meaning for you.  

You are also to listen to this CD when you are discouraged, feeling all alone or are bored.  The first few times you may want to be alone.  It took me several times before I could listen without crying.   The lyrics are very reassuring about, how we should feel about ourselves, our importance to the Lord and his love for us."

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