My Bishop suggested that I do Indexing through Family History but I did not feel it was that important. Then a friend suggested that doing Indexing through Family History could be a blessing for those in the 12 Step Program.  I still didn't think much of the idea the first time he mentioned it.  But after he mentioned it more than once I took him seriously and decided to try it.

He was right.  It is a spiritual experience.  I don't do indexing every day.  But when I feel a little bored, which is dangerous,  I can always do a batch of Indexing.  Once I get started I find that I easily put in at least an hour's worth of effort.  That could be because I am not very good at it yet.

I am reporting to him periodically that I am still following his suggestion. Accountability is important. And I appreciate him for suggesting it.

By the way, others in the group have now mentioned that they have started Indexing. Their actions obviously have come from the recommendations of that same person. I hope he appreciates the good he has done in the group.

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