Decide Right Now

Let me begin by asking a question. Did you decide this last Sunday to attend Sacrament Meeting? If you did, let me congratulate you on making a correct decision; but it wasn't very smart. There are 48 Sacrament Meetings a year. If you decide 48 times to attend Sacrament Meeting you have made 48 correct decisions, but they weren't very smart. There are 52 weekly Addiction Recovery Meetings a year. If you decide 52 times to attend that weekly meeting, you have made 52 correct decisions, but it wasn't very smart.

Ask yourself how many times you end up making the same decision over, and over, and over again. Wouldn't it be much easier to make an important decision just once and then never have to make it again?

Make a Decision Just Once
I attended a Seminary graduation a few years ago where a student was honored for having four-year's perfect attendance. That represents 680 days of perfect attendance. Do you, for one moment, think that this student made 680 separate, and correct, decisions. Or would it seem more realistic to imagine this seminary student making just one decision at the beginning of his seminary career and then just following through on that decision.

Indecision Becomes Decision wth the Passing of Time
"Indecision becomes decision with the passing of time". What this means is that when we neglect to make a decision, that decision will be made for us. For example, if a high school student never decides to go to college, that student has in reality decided NOT to go to college. If a young man never decides to get married, he has actually decided NOT to get married. In reality, very few young men actually decide not to go on missions. They just NEVER decide to go.

There is a Good Time and a Bad Time to Make a Decision
There is a good time and a bad time to make a decision. Just imagine that you are an early morning seminary student. It's 5:45 a.m. Your alarm just went off. Its dark and you can hear it raining outside. You were up late last night watching a special on television. And you think you might be coming down with a cold. Is this a good time to make a decision about attending seminary?

Important Decisions Should be Made Far in Advance of Temptation
Important decisions should be made far in advance of temptation when we can think clearly. Imagine yourself as a single college student just starting a new semester. You just moved into a new apartment with 5 other guys whom you just met. You really want to be accepted by these guys. It's Friday evening and they are having a video night and you are invited to join them. When the two who were sent to rent the video return you find out it's an X-Rated video. What should you do?

In Review:
  • Make a decision just once 
  • Indecision becomes decision with the passing of time 
  • There is a good time and a bad time to make a decision 
  • Important decisions should be made far in advance of temptation 
  • Decide right now to attend Sacrament Meeting every Sunday 
  • Decide right now to attend the weekly 12 Step Meeting
  • Decide right now to do your "dailies" 
  • Decide right now to go on a mission 
  • Decide right now to attend the temple 
  • Decide right now to Decide!

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