Don't Make Satan Happy

Sometimes the decisions we make are neither right nor wrong, but fall into that “gray area.”  Should I do something or not?  That is the question. 

If what we would like to do is not a sin then it shouldn't matter if we do it, right?  Well not so fast. Just because something isn't a sin doesn't mean it’s what we ought to do.

Example 1: A family in the ward is moving this Saturday.  They asked for volunteers. I have the time, but I’m not really interested.  It’s not a sin if I don’t go. So is it OK to not show up?

Example 2: The new Sports Illustrated is coming out this next week. It is the annual swim suit edition. It’s not porn, so it’s not a sin. Therefore, is it OK for me to buy it?

Example 3: There is an item I have wanted for months.  It’s now on sale.  However, to be able to buy it I will need to postpone paying my tithing this month.  I can pay double tithing next month. So is it OK to postpone my tithing?

Example 4: I've been really good.  Is it OK is if I skip my “dailies” just for today?

Example 5: This has been a temptation for me in the past. But I’m feeling stronger. So I should be able to try again?

None of the examples I've listed involve sin, at least nothing obvious.  But you might think of them as being in that “gray area.”  Show how should I decide?

Here is a trick that I have used at times. Instead of saying to myself, “Self, it’s not a sin so I can do what I want.”  Instead of saying that, I say, “Will it make Satan happy?”  That question seems to make the right decision a lot more obvious.

Somehow we know, deep inside, the things that will make Satan happy. Those are the things we probably shouldn't do.  Try it out on the listed above.Then try it out for yourself.  Let me know what you think.

P.S.  Keep in mind, that because of an addiction, your answers to some questions may be different than the answers for someone without an addiction.

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