"I Know You and I Love You!"

I have been having a lot of “Tender Mercy” experiences recently. And I have noted several of them in this blog. There have been others that are too personal to share with those of you that I don’t yet know.

I have also noticed that the more I recognize Tender Mercies in my life the more I seem to receive. Either God is giving me more or I am just able to recognize them better.

But each of these Tender Mercies comes with the same message from a loving Father and His Son. That message is “I know you and I love you!”  It is profoundly humbling to know that God knows me, and yet he still loves me.

I am convinced that all of us are having these experiences but many do not yet recognize them. I am reminded of an experience I had on my mission. At a particular zone conference my mission president requested that we each share a spiritual experience that we had recently received. For many of us our minds went blank. We couldn't remember any recent spiritual experiences.

He then challenged us to ask Heavenly Father to help us identify these spiritual experiences as they were happening. And that he would ask us again at the next zone conference to report back.

Well the difference was like going from night to day. At the next zone conference we ran out of time with those who wanted to share their spiritual experiences.

I want that experience for each of you.

Ask Father to help you recognize the tender mercies that are happening in your life; those things that could not possibly be a coincidence because they are timed and presented in such a way that they would have a meaning that possibly only you could recognize.

That way you will receive that same message: “I know you and I love you!”

Then if you feel it’s appropriate, and not too personal, I ask you to share that experience.


Anonymous said...

I had an amazing experience this week that I feel is a tender mercy. I recently decided to start a PhD program that I had been accepted to (long story). This week at a conference I ran into three separate people who had very valuable insights for me--two of whom that went to my specific school. The most amazing one was meeting a man who 1) is the uncle of my best friend in high school, 2) knows my dad by reputation, and 3) started the exact program at the exact school with the exact same size of family as me. All this seems to be my Heavenly Father whispering, "I'm aware of your needs, I love you, and I want you to succeed." on "I Know You and I Love You!" -Robert S

Unknown said...

The biggest tender mercy I see in my life is my friendship with my best friend. I am continually reminded through him of the love my Savior and Heavenly Father have for me.

Funny enough, I just finished a blog entry about tender mercies and then decided to catch up on some blogs and come across your post. It's such a great thing to remember and take notice in our lives :-)

12StepLDS said...

Mary, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I also enjoyed the post you made on your own site on tender mercies. Each tender mercy shows God's love for us.