Wings To Fly *

When a caterpillar tries to fly, it ends up falling. When a man sincerely tries to be like God, he ends up falling as well. The fact is that a caterpillar simply cannot fly, as it now is. There is an ENORMOUS gap between what it is now and what it can become. We are in a similar situation; as fallen man we lack the means to fly, we cannot do all that we know we should be doing.

But there is hope.  For a caterpillar to fly, it first has to go through a rigorous transformation phase. It sheds its old skin to form a protective shell around itself called a chrysalis. This phase is probably uncomfortable and difficult, there is very little room to move around, and it probably can feel cold and dark.

Similarly, mankind must go through a transformation process, both individually and in our societies. The scriptures call it sanctification. It is the process of being born again. This process can be painful. It takes a lot of time and dedication. It is not easy. But, will a butterfly regret having gone through it's chrysalis phase once it can spread its wings and fly? I think not. Similarly, a man who walks the difficult road of full discipleship will never regret having walked that path once he sees the face of God, and feels what it's like to be completely loved.

* I really like this post.  It's from Looking Up. 

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