To Walk With God *

There is an idea floating around in the heads of many members that 'if you get yourself into a pit, you have to get yourself out.' It's the idea that you have to first conquer your shortcomings, or overpower your weakness, or master some other aspect of life, and only then will the Lord help you. . . .

Here's an applicable parable I thought of recently:

There once was a man who the Lord appeared to one day and the Lord commanded him to walk. Just walk. The man had a desire to obey God, and so he tried to walk. Unfortunately, he couldn't, he didn't know how, all he could to was roll. So he rolled and he rolled for days and weeks and years in the direction he though God wanted him to go, using all his strength and energy and willpower until he was totally exhausted and drained of energy.

Then the Lord appeared to him again. The Lord said, "My friend, I told you to walk, and yet you still haven't walked. Why haven't you?" The man began to cry. He had done all he could, yet he had not taken a single step. He was in abject despair, what hope could there be for a man who could not even keep the commandments of God?

He was about to sink into total darkness, when He remembered the words of the Lord "even to your [grey] hairs will I carry you. . . I will carry, and will deliver you."(Isaiah 46:4)

The man decided to call out to the Lord and trust in Him one more time. He cried out "Lord save me!"(See Matt 14:30) The Lord reached down to him and picked him up. And from that day on, he taught the man how to walk.

The Lord is the answer, most especially in those times where we feel like we least deserve the gifts He gives us.
* I really like this post.  It's from Looking Up. 

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