To Those Who Suffer *

How does the Lord make us holy?  How does He set us free from mortal bonds?

First He has to show us how much we need Him.  He brings us to the point where He is our one and only hope.  Because He knows that usually only then are we willing to do whatever it takes.

To bring us to this point, He may have to bring us through some of our darkest times.

The bonds of affliction, the oppression of our enemies, the clutches of sorrow, or bondage in the chains of sin; chains that we have personally crafted "link by link, and yard by yard."  These are the things that destroy our hope in the world, bringing us to our knees, leaving us with only our hope in the Savior.  Only then we are willing to finally, fully commit ourselves to Him.

Then He lifts us. Then He cleanses us and sets us free.  He raises us only after we have fallen to our knees.

Then we are finally able to see, looking back; the chains which once held us, have become the chains which set us free.  They sent us to the Savior.

* This post is based on personal revelation.  It's from Looking Up.

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