Let's Be Serious

How serious are we about overcoming our addiction?  What are we willing to do--just the bare minimum or much much more?

Everything I read tells me that if I want to be successful I must attend at least one or more 12 step meetings a week.  But are we taking full advantage of those meetings or are we just attending when we have nothing better to do?  Or perhaps we show up after a relapse or only when we feel we need a refresher.

12 Steps vs Therapists

I personally am convinced that regular attendance at 12 step meetings is more helpful than visiting with a therapist.  Plus at meetings I find others who have walked the path that I am walking and can give me support. They have been where I am now. Hearing their stories gives me hope.  Most therapists have never walked in my shoes.

What If

Most therapists charge between $90 and $150 a session. So what if we had to pay $100 a week to attend a 12 step group.  If we were required to pay how often would we miss a meeting and how many times would we arrive late?  I'm guessing that we probably would try to attend every week and it would be in our best interest to be on time.  And if we could attend more that one meeting a week for that same $100 we probably would.


But in actuality at 7:30 when the meeting begins there are usually no more than five guys in the room. Then by 8:00 we may have 18-20 people in attendance. This is every week. And some people we only see every once in awhile.  Perhaps they attend other groups on a regular basis and our group is the extra one they attend during the week.  Let's hope so.

Let's Be Serious

Let's all try to attend our 12 step meetings as often as possible and either be early or at least on time. We owe it to ourselves and the others who are attending. Not to mention the many missionaries and facilitators who take time out of their busy lives just to minister to us!

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Amen to that!