Let's Give Ourselves Credit

I learned this from a friend.  

When you overcome a temptation, 

either call or text a friend and say:

 “I was tempted to ______ and instead
 I did this ______."  
"I was tempted to _______ and instead 

I'm going to do this _______."  

 Let’s give ourselves credit for choosing the right!!!  

_________________   __________________

The following are real text messages:

  • I recently saw a name of an actress on facebook and was tempted to look up her name on google but have resisted, and I’m going to go eat some more food now and listen to a conference talk.
  • A few minutes ago I was watching a Youtube video. As I was scrolling through the comments as the video was playing, I noticed that someone pointed out an inappropriate part later on in the video. I was tempted to skip to that part in the video out of curiosity, but resisted. I closed out of the video, listened to a conference talk, and did laundry.
  • Yesterday, I was tempted to lust at someone.  Instead I prayed for them and their family as I passed by.  I also kept my eyes in a good place.
  • This morning I was tempted to go on Hulu TV and see what shows they had on, and not appropriate ones either, but I prayed and stayed in my bed and I have felt much better.

I am soooooo proud of these guys!!!!

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