Which one of these is true for you?

Regarding Temptation:

Which one of these is true for you?
  1. I’m not tempted at all.
  2. When I’m tempted, I white-knuckle it. **
  3. When I'm tempted, I start to white-knuckle it and then I do PMS.
  4. When I'm tempted, I do PMS as soon as I recognize what’s happening.
  5. When I'm tempted, I give in immediately. **
      ** How is that working out for you??


What is PMS?
  • P=Prayer  (First pray, and in many cases, the temptation will go away.)
  • M=Move  (Physically move away from the temptation. Go outdoors, or for a walk, or a drive.)
  • S=Support  (Reach Out and call or text a friend who understands and who will pray for you.)

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