Let Me Share A Secret

Sometimes I think secrets are even better if you can share them with close friends.
This is one of those times.
I have a secret regarding a tool I use to strengthen my recovery. 
Now let me see if I can explain it.
The Problem
Satan has lots of tools in his toolkit that he can use against me.  Some of them are:
  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling sad
  • Feeling hurt
  • Feeling weak
  • Feeling ugly
  • Feeling unloved
  • Feeling helpless
I’m sure you can add to this list.
Whenever I’m hit with any of these feelings, my natural-man tendency is to go inward, to shut down, to isolate myself  And then to seek comfort or instant gratification to make the pain go away—in other words, to act out.
That’s not a good solution.
The Solution
Instead of going inward—which is my natural-man inclination—the solution it to look outward—to reach out to others. I do this with text messages and emails—to those I care about.  It not only gets my mind off of myself, but sometimes it may even bless the life of another person.
I try to make these texts and emails either uplifting, faith-promoting, or humorous.  But I also try to be very sincere in any compliments I might give. My goal is not to flatter anyone but to express sincere appreciation for them and their talents.
What does this do for me?  It gets my mind off of myself. It causes me to be grateful for the friends I have and appreciate them for what they give to me. One other benefit, even though it’s not necessary, is that sometimes they even respond.
Either way, it blesses my life, and sometimes it might even bless their lives.
I hope my telling you my secret, might be of some benefit.  It really works for me. 
Thank you for allowing me to be a friend!

I appreciate you for reading my blog!


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