Fasting to Overcome Addiction

When was the last time you fasted—other than Fast Sunday?  Here are some thoughts to consider:

There is great spiritual power in prayer and fasting. Addiction is a spiritual bondage that must be fought with spiritual weapons. Fasting and prayer will enable you to be empowered by the Holy Ghost and allow His anointing to break the yoke that binds you.  —

And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.  —Mark 9:29

The next time you fast, take time to prepare. Prayerfully choose a purpose for your fast. You may want to write your purpose in your journal.  —Fast with a Purpose,

Fasting without a purpose is just starving.  —Anonymous

Alma testified that when he prayed and fasted, his ability to receive revelation increased. Abstinence from your addiction can be considered a form of fasting.  —Step 11, LDS Addiction Recovery Program

Fasting intensifies prayer. In the scriptures, I have found at least 49 references to fasting, 25 of those link fasting to prayer. Proper fasting magnifies our ability to pray.  —Fasting with Power, Ensign, April 2009

A step toward self-mastery comes when you observe the law of the fast. Fasting fortifies discipline over appetite and helps to protect against later uncontrolled cravings and gnawing habits.  —Russell M. Nelson

I am going to fast, during the month, for myself and for others who suffer.

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