My Dear Friend

Below is an email I just sent to a close friend whom I have known for several years.  
He is still having difficulty staying sober.


My Dear Friend Xxxxx,

I am sending this email out of concern for you and your family.

I care about you very much!!!  You already know that.

Below is a list of questions.

I don’t want you to reply to me, just answer them honestly to yourself.     

  1. How often do you sincerely pray to God?
  2. Do you read from the Book of Mormon daily?
  3. Are you isolating yourself?
  4. Do you have one or more people to be accountable to?
  5. How often are you accountable?
  6. Do you attend 12 step meetings? 
  7. If so, do you attend every week?
  8. Do you have your own dailies—and do you do them daily?
  9. Do you have a plan as to what to do when you are triggered?
  10. Do you follow that plan?
  11. When you follow that plan, does it work?
  12. If it doesn’t work, do you make changes to your plan?
  13. Do you believe that the Lord wants to help you?
  14. Will you allow Him to do so?
  15. How bad do you want to recover?

As I stated at the beginning of this email, I care about you very much!  And I wish I could help you.

But only the Lord can ultimately help you.  Just trying harder does not work.

Please keep in touch!!!  I’m not giving up on you!!!!!!!!


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