Step 10 and Daily Restoration

This morning, I was viewing, listening, and at the same time reading, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk entitled Daily Restoration.

As I was reviewing that talk, I finally realized that Elder Uchtdorf was speaking directly about STEP 10--Daily Accountability!

Below are some quotes from the talk that sounds just like Step 10--Daily Accountability:

"We can ponder our actions and review the moments of our day—considering our will and desires in light of His. If we have drifted, we plead with God to restore us, and we commit to do better.

This time of introspection is an opportunity for recalibration. It is a garden of reflection where we can walk with the Lord and be instructed, edified, and purified by the written and Spirit-revealed word of our Heavenly Father.

It is a sacred time when we remember our solemn covenants to follow the gentle Christ, when we assess our progress and align ourselves with the spiritual landmarks God has provided for His children.

Think of it as your personal, daily restoration."


If you can, take the time to review this wonderful talk and compare it yourself to Step 10. 

I know it will bless your life.

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