My Routines During Recovery

I felt prompted this morning to share some of the routines I followed during various stages of my recovery. During the first six years of my recovery, my wife and I were separated so some of the things below changed after we reconciled.

Some of the items I will list I did most of the time and some came and went depending on my needs at that particular time. Those items listed with an asterisk (*) are the ones I did most consistently and in most cases I still do!

  • * Attend weekly meetings: For several years I attended 3 meetings a week (two men's groups and a couples group with my wife). I tried to never miss my weekly meetings!!!

  • * Get up at 5:00 AM to do my dailies before work and go to bed between 10:00 and 10:30 PM. Those hours changed after my wife and I reconciled.

  • * Start the day with a kneeling prayer and say it aloud.

  • * Read from the Book of Mormon daily. There are great promises from the Prophets to those who read daily!

  • * After my first year I asked someone from one of my groups to be my Sponsor.

  • During my dailies, I worked on whichever Step I was on by reading the Step and working on the Study and Understanding section, and answering each of the questions.

  • One time through the 12 Steps I created a digital version of the Study and Understanding section and I answered the questions using my computer. I would periodically email it to my Sponsor for his review.

  • * I collected, from the roll sheet, phone numbers from the other guys in my groups. And often I would text them during the week and compliment them on their shares from our prior meetings and encourage them to keep coming.

  • * When tempted or triggered, I would use PMS (Pray, Move, and get Support) and text or call other members of my group when I was being triggered or tempted.

  • * When I received text messages or phone calls from other guys asking for help, I would always pray for them immediately and keep them in my prayers.

  • For a period of time, I met weekly with my Sponsor and he would give me assignments to do during the week.

  • I would listen to either, the Book of Mormon, Conference talks, or the audio version of "Saints" while driving to and from work.

  • * I met often with my Bishop and each time I would ask him for a blessing, which he gladly gave me.

  • * I started this Blog (

  • I also met for a couple of years with a therapist, which was very helpful.

  • I tried to spend little time thinking about the things I wanted to avoid and instead I tried to fill my time with more positive thoughts and actions.
P.S.  This is a work in progress.  I may be adding to this list as things come to mind.

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