A Well-Worn Path


We had a very interesting discussion at a recent ARP meeting. And several participants added their thoughts to the discussion. Here is a synthesis of that discussion:

Without consciously thinking about it our brain creates a path to relapse. We have followed that same path over and over and over again until it is now well worn.

And when something triggers us, like being bored, lonely, angry, stressed, tired, or hungry we immediately start down that well-worn path. It's not a conscious act, we just do it--and then find ourselves, at the end of that path, acting out and wondering how we got there.

However, some of us have experienced that at some point, early in that process, the Holy Ghost hits the pause button and says to us "There is an alternative, you can take a different path, what do you want to do? You can choose to do something else!"

If we don't immediately choose to take a different path that pause goes away and we are stuck back on our own well-worn path to acting out.

But if we do follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost, we are able, with the help of the Lord, to get off our well-worn path and go in a totally different direction. It might not be easy, but it can be done.  And it's well worth it.

So the next time you feel triggered, look for the option to choose a different path and take it! 


And if you do this enough times, you will actually create a new path to follow
when you are bored, lonely, angry, stressed, tired, or hungry.

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