Liken The Scriptures

We are asked to liken the scriptures to ourselves in our personal situations (1 Nephi 19:23).

Here is a thought shared by John Bytheway regarding how God might react to our actions towards our wives or girlfriends when they call us to repentance.

John suggests that we take 1 Nephi 1:24-27 and change the gender from male to female; and here is how it reads:

"Rebel no more against your wife/girlfriend, whose views have been glorious, and who hath kept the commandments....

I exceedingly fear and tremble because of you, ... for behold, ye have accused her that she sought power and authority over you; but I know that she hath not sought for power nor authority over you, but she hath sought the glory of God, and your own eternal welfare.

And ye have murmured because she hath been plain unto you. Ye say that she hath used sharpness; ye say that she hath been angry with you; but behold, her sharpness was the sharpness of the power of the word of God, which was in her; and that which ye call anger was the truth, according to that which is in God, which she could not restrain, manifesting boldly concerning your iniquities.

And it must needs be that the power of God must be with her, even unto her commanding you that ye must obey. But behold, it was not she, but it was the Spirit of the Lord which was in her, which opened her mouth to utterance that she could not shut it."

Perhaps we might ask ourselves, does that scripture ring true for me in my current situation? 

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