Timing Is Important

What you get out of the sharing time can be determined by what step you are actually working on. Someone on Step 6 may share something that is working for them. However, if you are on Step 2, that same suggestion my not make much sense or not seem to apply.

We only really hear things when we are actually ready to use them.

Here is an example. RC Willey has a sale every weekend. Believe me they do. But you ignore their advertising until you need something. "My TV just broke. Hey, guess what, I hear RC Willey is having a sale this weekend!"     How lucky for you...

I think the same is true for the 12 Step Program. We will hear things as we need them.

For those of you reading this blog, some of these posts my have little meaning to you right now, but if you read these same posts a couple of months from now, they may be just what you need. So come back and read them again.

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