“Just” is a 4-letter Word!

For any addict, either saying or thinking the word “just” is playing with fire.

I could give some great examples of using just in a sentence, but I don’t want this post to trigger anyone.

Your Own Past Actions

In thinking of your own past actions, complete this sentence:

“I was just going to ________________.”  (that was a bad idea)

Or when asked the question, “What were you thinking or doing when you decided to act out?”

And you answer was:

“Well I was just ___________________.”  (that was also a bad idea)

In both of the above examples, you probably already knew where your actions might lead you.

To Justify

The word “just” is the root of “justify.”

So when we use the word just we are actually trying to justify our upcoming or past bad actions.

Where Did We Learn This?

We actually learned this way of thinking in our early childhood.  Does this exchange sound familiar?

Mother: “Johnny, why is you little brother crying?”

Johnny: “But I was just _________________________________.”

When Johnny uses the word just, he is actually saying, “Yes Mother I'm guilty.”

Listen for that phrase when you see a child in trouble.  They will almost always use the word just as part of their excuse.

Bottom Line

Let’s be honest with ourselves when tempted to use the word just in our thinking.  That is the time to call someone and get a reality check about our intended actions.  Because we are already guilty.