My New Mantra

                   Here is my new Mantra: *

Come to meetings
Do the book
Trust the Lord

What we are asked to do is actually quite simple,
as is most of the gospel, like:
        • Pray
        • Hold family home evening
        • Study the scriptures
        • Receive the ordinances
        • Keep the commandments
A friend compared beginning recovery to planting a new lawn. With a new lawn, you plant the seed, water daily and then wait.  It doesn't appear that anything is happening for quite awhile. But in reality roots are being formed and are growing deep into the soil.  Finally green sprouts begin to appear on the surface.  The same can be said about recovery.  You come to meetings and do the book.  But it takes time for changes to appear in our lives.  But they will come!

* Mantra: A sacred utterance or group of words
   believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power.

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Anonymous said...

It is called patience and we aren't good at waiting on the Lord. His timetable is perfect, but it often doesn't seem soon enough for us. That is something I am working on. My recovery is in its infancy but yet I want to be able to walk instead of crawl.